Friday, May 26, 2006

X-men Delivery Succesful

X-men: the last stand opened in theatres today and was everything it was meant to be.

The movie revolved around a cure that was developed to cure mutants 'from their disease' and turn them into normal humans. An outraged Magneto rounds up an army of mutants to rebel against this cure. So in the end, a war began with Magneto and his 'pawns" on one side, and the X-men and a couple of humans on the other

Spoiler alert ahead! You've been warned!!

Jean Grey literally emerged from the depths with new-found powers that can only be compared to god. Her alter personality known as Dark Phoenix was the mot powerful mutant ever to be (class 5) while Charles and Eric remain only at class 3.
Charles met his end while trying to get Jean back into the light side, magneto needed her help for the war and she, being evil now, joined his side.

Mystique, in an attempt to save Eric's life took a shot for him which happened to be that antidote. Magneto abandoned her because she apparently had become one of them.

Rogue, still troubled by her powers and not being able to be with her boyfriend decided to go for the antidote.

Storm, if there'll be another X-men will be the new headmaster of the school. Xavier made it clear that she would take his place when the time came (a clear indication that he would soon die).

Logan is practically an immortal, nothing could happen to him. He was the one who stopped Jean from widespread anihilation while all others were disintegrated.

All in all the movie was excellent, the ending opened a door to possibly another sequel.