Saturday, June 14, 2008

1. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

After reading the last book, it feels hopeless for us die-hard Harry Potter fans trying to find another author as able to capture our imaginations as JK Rowling was.

There are al ot of similarities between this book series and the HP series. For one, the main character begins as a little boy having to deal with evils supposedly waaay beyond his age and potential. Also, there's lots of "magic" and realms that regular humans are totally oblivious to. Familiar, huh?

Artemis Fowl (the main character) is a millionaire, a certified genius and a respected European Crime lord and mastermind. It would sound like a typical Italian family mobster book, except for the fact that he's 12...that's right, he's all that and he's not even a teen yet.

After extensive research, he is finally able to track down and obtain the fairy holy Book of The People which he deciphers and learns about the Lower Elements people (LEP). He then initiates his plan to rob one of them of their "pot of gold". Apparently, every so often, the Lower Elements People (LEP) come up to earth to renew their magical abilities. He stake's out where one might go to do this ritual and kidnaps her (captain Holly Short) with the help of his monster-of-a-man bodyguard, Butler.

He demands a ton of Gold in exchange for the elf.

The LEP don't take too kindly to this and so they set a time stop and send a kleptomaniac dwarf, Mulch Diggums to infiltrate the house, because they cannot enter the house of a human without permission (at the expense of their powers)/Mulch however takes this opportunity to steal and then secure his own freedom on the surface (he was a convict down there).

They then send a Troll which wreaks havoc in the house but is eventually taken care of by Butler. Finally, feigning defeat, they agree to give Artemis the Gold while they plot to detonate a bio-bomb (that kills all living beings leaving everything inanimate as it was) and get their gold back.
The situation seems futile for Artemis but he comes up with a genius (which is his trademark, similar to Harry's scar) plan to foil them. As expected, Artemis not only succeeds, but they can never bother him about it ever according to their own laws.

the book is a riveting and magical adventure

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