Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bond 22: Quantum of Solace Trailer

The teaser for the long awaited 22nd bond film starring Daniel Craig as 007 was released a few days ago and i was completely beside myself -Totally ecstatic!

Almost 2 years we've waited for a sneak peek at the next film and now its finally here!

Bond is (apparently) now driven with rage following of the loss of his fiance, Vesper Lynd, who commits suicide in Casino Royale. Whether he goes rogue or M kicks him out of MI6, as implied in the trailer, is something i could easily google (or find by reading the book) but would rather wait for the movie.

The film stars Craig in his second 007 bond role, Dame Dench as M, and Ukrainian model/actress bombshell Olga Kurylenko (left) as Camille, the bond girl. She's about the only thing i remember from the movie "Hitman" (if you've seen it you know what i mean *wink*).

I do find it a bit dissapointing that once again Miss Moneypenny won't be making an appearance. Then again it would be very cold of Bond to flirt with M's trusty secretary at a time like this. Her absence in Casino Royale still remains inexcused in my books...

The Movie opens in theaters November 7th 2008