Thursday, June 12, 2008

Michelle William's New pop Single

Y'all remember Michelle?...the "number 3" from the Destiny's Child trio? The one who was stuck either singing backup or taking the scraps while the others grabbed all attention?

Well since the group disbanded after their "Destiny Fulfilled" Album, she went into gospel (no surprise there) and is now back with the new pop album "Unexpected" (coming out August 12th).

"We break the Dawn" is her first release from her new album. It features a completely remodelled Michelle, unlike the one that was held back in her girl group: not only is it non-gospel, but its also a dance track and features her new 'bob' haircut à la Victoria Beckham.

Its a hot dance-to track with an equally hot music video, although without the sleaze that most singers seem to find necessary. It plays out late at night in an abandoned city where her male dancers (who all seem to be right off of a Dolce and Gabbana catalog) perform nicely choreographed moves. Her own dancing is a bit on the modest side especially at the beginning, but she does work some ballet-esque twirls and bends toward the bridge of the song.

To be honest, i never liked it that B hogged all the our attention. I've always had Michelle's back through their years together, and was glad to see her get significant parts in their last album.
So far the song's mostly peaking the dance charts, and is currently at number 18 on iTunes, which makes it her highest chart position of any of her singles.
Way to go Michelle!!

listen to it here (better quality)