Sunday, May 28, 2006

Frailty (2001): Movie Review

This Thriller/horror Starring Matthew McConaughey is about a man who walks into The FBI claiming that he has information about a couple of mysterious killings happening in the area. He says his father formed a group called God's hand and included him and his brother.
In flashbacks, we see the father getting lists of people to kill from 'God', and he uses an axe to kill them right infront of his sons saying that some day that task will fall on them.
One of the son's however, the one who goes to the FBI agent, is reluctant and like everyone else watching the movie, sees something wrong with the picture of killing people that his dad calls demons.
He ends up doing in his dad.

(at present) he tells the FBI agent that his brother continued killing people and he lures the agent to where the buried bodies are as proof.
A strange twist is introduced towards the climax of the movie: the man who walks into the FBI station is actually the other brother who continued with his father's task.

The most disturbing twist though is that he wasn't crazy like we are led to believe. He actually saw the evil in turns out that he really was doing God's work. The agent had killed his own mother earlier, so his death was justified when he was axed.

If one is ever digging in the recent past for an Okay thriller, i'd recomend this one.

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