Wednesday, February 06, 2008

01. Dr. No (1962)

An adaptation of Ian Fleming's Dr. No novel, this is the first "bond film" starring the first Bond - Sean Connery. Though it is the first film, it doesn't quite begin with the sequence of events in Bond's life, for instance how he came to obtain his Double O status.

The film begins in Jamaica where a British agent is killed, and Bond's mission here is to go over there and investigate. He ultimately uncovers the main villain Dr. No - a member of SPECTRE, played by Joseph Wiseman, at his crab key island. Fight ensues, bond kills the bad guy, the place is destroyed, and the ending (as will be usual) results in bond kissing the main bond girl: Honey Rider - a worthy mention, because Halle Berry's swimsuit in her bond movie tributes hers (i think).

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