Monday, May 29, 2006

Wolf Creek (2005): Movie review

Need a break from “Neighbours” andHome and Away” but still watch something Australian? Wolf Creek is the movie for you.

This kinda gory Australian horror/thriller movie is about three young people (Liz, Kristy and Ben) who decide to go hiking at a place called Wolf Creek. They park their car and begin hiking around the eerily deserted area. When they've had enough, they decide to leave, but when they head to their car, it won't start.
Then comes Mick Taylor who just happens to be passing around. They think they're safe when he agrees to tow their car back to civilization....their troubles begin there. Mick just happens to be a ruthless killer who kills for (sport?)

It’s good to see that there are movies outside Hollywood that can achieve similar effects. This was my first South Australian horror and i realy loved it. Since the cast are unknown and they're all given equal attention in the movie, you have absolutely no idea who will survive and who will die--so you end up
fearing for every one of them throughout the movie; which is exactly how horrors should be.


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