Saturday, July 12, 2008

4. Artemis fowl: The Opal Deception

This 4th installment features Opal, who faked being in a come not only to avoid arrest, but also to have time to plot her revenge on those who got her arrested. when the time comes, she escapes and leaves a clone behind in her place.

The crazy bitch goes on to cruelly kill Commander Julius and frame Holly for the murder. She then screws up LEP weaponry and as planned, places the on Foaly the centaur, whom she's trapped locked up in his tech room. Holly, now a fugitive, goes into exile up on earth and enlists Artemis' help. As it turns out, he too is on Opals short list.

Opal ventures on earth and mesmerizes a human scientist into believing she is his "beloved daughter whom he'd do anything for". The scientist just happens to be planning the deepest excavation in human history. Her plan is to get the humans to dig deep enough to uncover the fairy world, a act which will inevitably lead to war.

Opal captures Holly and Artemis and dumps them in an area full of Trolls. She goes on to sadistically watch expecting the trolls to maul them to death. Much to her chagrin, they escape (by a hair, i might add) and plot a counterattack that eventually brings her down.

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