Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5. Artemis Fowl: The Last Colony

yeeeah, um....this one was kinda confusing, but I'll try my best. Here goes:
The Demons (not sure if its the kind we refer to as "demons") are in world whose time is...um..running out. When this time runs out (ok this part i'm sure of) the demon's world and the human worlds will merge which means DEMONS EVERYWHERE for us!!

So, like in all the books, they enlist the fairies help and save the worlds bla bla bla..

BUT, book has the best ending ever! Check this out:
--Artemis has a fairy eye --long explanation
--When Artemis came back (from saving the demon world), he ended up 3 years in the future..he's now 18!!
--His parents did "the wild thing" and he now has 2 year old twin brothers.
--The french girl is still into him, and best of all,
--Artemis now has magical powers!!!

the new book comes out today!!!
*tingles with intense anticipation*

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