Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Oval Office Terrorists

If you don't live in a boat, then you should have seen this already..

Set in the White House -

Michelle all afro-ed up with her army garb complete with camouflage pants and boots (note the crossed legs LMFAO) and an AK strapped on her back.

Obama with a turban, a kanzu and desert-people flip flops (what? -i'm keeping up the politically incorrect spirit here).

In the background a US flag burns in the fire place, and a portrait of Osama hangs on the wall. Oh, and that gesture with their hands would be "the terrorist fist jab", as FOX news called it.

This is what made the front page cover of The New Yorker (hasn't hit the stands yet).

The intended reaction for this, which was to hold a mirror to/ridicule those Obama haters and their BS claims, has for the most part backfired: Obama fans are pissed and Obama haters are cheering (the fucking joke's on you, idiots!!). Obama himself wasn't pleased...shame.

I think its absofuckinglutely hillarious and see zero foul play by the popular mag. This one's going to my desktop background..


Msanii_XL said...

Obama took it too close to his heart...relax its called satire. He should toughen up he ain't even in the white house yet a cartoon from "supporter" is irking him....

Oren_Licus said...

yeah man...i know he's already been through shit from the REAL accusations, but seriously, his sense of humor is slipping.